A Contest to Rename Toronto's Biggest Transit Project

What is the DRL?

The Downtown Relief Line is a proposed subway line that would run in a “U” shape from Dundas West down to Union Station and then east to Pape Station. Toronto’s subway system is rapidly approaching capacity and by 2031, the Yonge-University Spadina line is expected to reach 150% capacity. The DRL will create a crucial link between downtown and the suburbs of Scarborough & Etobicoke which would alleviate capacity issues and facilitate easier transportation for all Torontonians.


Why does it need a new name?

The Downtown Relief Line’s name gives the illusion that the line only serves the residents of downtown Toronto. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Renaming the line is vital to selling the proposal to the residents of Toronto and ensuring the political will to construct the DRL is created.


Enter the Contest Below to Rename the DRL!

Faster Commute

The Relief Line will greatly decrease commute times for residents of Scarborough and Etobicoke.

Better Balance

The DRL will relieve some of the pressure the Yonge-University-Spadina line is experiencing.


Underserved neighbourhoods like the Distillery district and Liberty Village will receive reliable transportation services.